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    The Grete Jalk Wagon Client:Suite New York for Charity Buzz

    This project was as an exercise to experiment with objects that are iconic in themselves, and yet be consistence with the present. Our adaptation of the Grete Jalk Chair into the Grete Jalk wagon has been inspired by the well renowned radio flyer red toy wagon, identified as an iconic american kids toy. In 1917, the toy wagon was originally built in wood, and so the integration of the plywood from the GJ chair brings reminiscence of the wagons development. Our progress lead to taking a predominantly static object and developing ones engagement with it by installing a motion mechanism (wheels). Within popular culture there is always a tendency towards the amalgamation of objects. Where the objects are identified separately, but the object functions as one. The popular kids movie, ‘Toy Story? shows a scene where Sid’s ‘mutant toys’ are a combination of mixed parts of several toys. Throughout the process where the aesthetic is prevalent to each object the combined outcome shifts the attention to an engagement of use. Jalk Chair-2.jpg