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Philip Albert-Corban
MArchD Architecture
BaHons Architecture
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Established by Brothers Philip and Toby Albert-Corban, AKAPELLO symbolizes a new generation’s enthusiastic and youthful embrace of quality and tradition. Capturing style within environments of work and play, AKAPELLO echoes an atmosphere of progressive modernity and incorporates a respect for traditional heritage. AKAPELLO stands by the philosophical values of PEace, Life and LOve and represents those who take a relaxed, yet presentable approach to life. AKAPELLO moves towards creating a timeless existence, and does not conform to season and trends, on the contrary, AKAPELLO focuses on the creation of wearable items directed towards a sophisticated simplicity. Each individual item is the result of skilled Hand-Craftsmanship, creating products of Impeccable Quality. From the Cutting of the fabric to the sewing of each item, each step contributes to the Durability and Quality of our products, all of which are Made in the England.