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Philip Albert-Corban
MArchD Architecture
BaHons Architecture
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    The Administration of Listening

    The Administration of Listening acts as an architectural asylum-office, synonymous with a ministry of foreign affairs. Designed to receive and respond to citizen feedback, this fictional government entity listens to the real needs of citizens with a sense of immediacy, and allows for a more direct path of citizen to government communication, thanks to new uses of technology freed from the burdens of bureaucracy. The Administration of Listening bridges the gap between the city and its inhabitants at the street level, and allow for a two-way exchange of resources and information. Maria Nicanor coined the term deparrtment of listenitng at the United Nations social media week in October 2011. Ai Weiwei, illustrates the significance of social media in citizen participation. Thus, the ‘Administration of Listening’ aims create an ideal environment in that could coax even the most hardened Chinese individual into behaving altruistically. The aim will be to explore how design related and citizen initiated actions could encourage more friendly and altruistic behavior in day-to-day city life.